AR a reality at NMP (SA)

NMP (SA) launches Interactive Print Solutions, powered by Digital Narrative’s Augmented Reality (AR) solutions offering.

Digital Narrative, an Augmented Reality Agency, has joined forces with NMP (SA) to launch their new Digital Innovation Lab. This strategic partnership is tasked with marrying new and disruptive technologies with customers’ new media and marketing requirements.

Johan Walters, Digital Narrative.

Johan Walters, Digital Narrative.

Invention, reinvention, cutting edge . . . these are all phrases that are bandied about in digital marketing and (most) other technology-related industries,” says
Nic van den Bergh, Managing Director at NMP (SA).

“By incorporating the existing expertise of Digital Narrative in fields like Augmented Reality (AR) we plan to grow our new Digital Innovation Lab to one that sets the industry standard, we are firmly betting on a future where “wow” factor is not just “clever” or “entertaining” for a day, week or month – but contribute to overall expansion of our customers’ brand value . . . and their overall
return on marketing investment.”

Accelerated Adoption = Augmented Returns

“The current (and future) capabilities our Digital Innovation Lab will be able to offer clients is worth getting excited about,” says Nic van den Bergh. “Our initial aim is to significantly increase the adoption of the AR technology, enabling clients to bring an interactive element to their printed marketing material, exhibition stands
and real world environments.”

“Over the last three years, Digital Narrative has established themselves as one of South Africa’s foremost players in the field of AR and related technologies,” says van den Bergh. “Having already worked on successful campaigns for the likes of Vida e Caffè, Mini, Caxton Magazines and Design Indaba, our strategic partnership present clients with a proven track-record of success, an obvious upshot as ‘history’ is not always available when it comes to solutions of this nature.”

Mind the Gap

Digital Narrative offers full-service AR, ranging from concept, design and AR video production to development, campaign management and in-depth
performance reporting.

“Our aim is to bridge consumers’ online and offline worlds,” says Digital Narrative’s Johan Walters. “With the launch of the NMP (SA) Digital Innovation Lab we can now present companies with technology and solutions that make them part of their customers’ multi-device lifestyle.

The fact that it’s cool and cutting-edge stuff is a bonus!”

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