Digital transformation also transforming CIOs into CMOs.

Demands of an increasingly connected society is shifting digital marketing away from a mere transactional exchange to a more holistic customer experience.

Modern customers want to be treated as individuals. Their offers, path-to-purchase, total engagement with companies can (and should) be customised as far as possible – and while that realm of seamless (personalised) communication and process traditionally belongs to CMOs – CIOs are now increasingly
becoming involved in the marketing function. 


3 areas where CIOs are playing a leading role.

  1. Improving Collaboration: Looking “beyond the login” at a customers’ previous engagements / history with the company – and making sure that information is available to all the relevant staff.
  2. Internalising Social Tools:  Modern CIOs are tasked with the implementation of open collaboration environments, social tools and information exchanges that allows a distributed work force to participate
    and accurately respond to business requirements.
  3. Breaking Bad (habits): According to Kevin Cochrane (writing for, “Enterprise-class social tools help to eliminate habitual bad marketing habits, such as siloed employee contributions, static websites, and reliance on email for creative sharing.”

“By ‘going social’ in terms of perspective, strategy, and technology workflows, the CIO becomes the hero who affects enterprise-wide digital transformation from the inside out.”

“From our perspective we are most certainly seeing increased engagement and a requirement for accurate data analysis at each stage of customers’ brand interaction,” says Nic van den Bergh, MD of NMP (SA). “It is knowing what conversations you should be having, when, and on what device that will help CMOs and CIOs in their quest to deliver a more holistic customer experience.”

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