NMP (SA) shortlisted for Google Premier Partner Awards 2016.

DriveSA Search Marketing Campaign delivers outstanding results.

 – First published on IAB(SA)

“Making the ‘Best Search Performance’ shortlist in the Google Premier Partner Awards is great reward for the daily efforts from our campaign and account managers, who really do go above and beyond in terms of client service delivery,” says NMP (SA) Managing Director, Nic van den Bergh.

“When we launched this brand a little over a year ago we set out to achieve one common goal . . . ‘evolving digital performance’. This nomination is proof that our collective efforts are starting to pay off.”

Performance at the heart of nomination


Cairn Gray

In a remarkable 1st year of operations (that has seen sustained campaign success and several key account wins) it’s results achieved for client, Drive South Africa, that elevated NMP (SA) to the awards shortlist.

“This nomination caps an amazing year of close collaboration and partnership with DriveSA,” says Campaign Manager, Cairn Gray. “Through consistent campaign optimisation and smart tactical decisions we were able to reduce cost-per-conversion by 44.5% and show a 15% overall increase in direct revenues from their search marketing investment . . .

I’m confident we’ll find ways to further improve on those numbers in the coming months.”

Delivering on brand promise

NMP is one of only five agencies in Africa to make the Google Premier Partner Awards 2016 shortlist – an accomplishment that, in the eyes of the agency’s leadership, boils down to one word . . . “delivery”.

“The question is not how innovative you are, how many cool ideas you can come up with or how many new technologies you can incorporate into a campaign,” says van den Bergh.

“The question is how best you can provide real value to your clients . . . and then making sure you use all the appropriate tools and skills at your disposal to deliver the required performance.”

The DriveSA campaign is one example of NMPs commitment to evolving digital performance.

“Our client’s success is our success . . . that’s a standard philosophy. This campaign performing well simply means that we did our job and honoured our brand promise – and that’s a really satisfying space to be”

– Cairn Gray